photo Transradio SenderSysteme Berlin HR Folded Dipole Curtain Antennas are used to service areas at medium to large distances (ca. 800...15000 km).

The four column array provides a coverage of 30°, the two column array up to 50°.

The main beam can be slewed in the azimuth by up to ±30° so that a maximum coverage of 90° can be achieved.

Folded dipole curtain antennas can be supplied not only with switchable azimuth beam slewing but also with switchable elevation plane patterns.

Since the radiation patterns are flexible the antennas can be tailored to suit various coverage and service requirements.

The elevation angle is determined by the height of the lowest element above ground and the number of elements stacked vertically.
photo Transradio SenderSysteme Berlin HR Full-wave Dipole Curtain Antennas are also used for the broadcast coverage over medium to large distances (ca. 800...15000 km).

They have similar electrical characteristics as the folded dipole antennas, however, are of simpler construction and are emplyed mainly when a smaller slewing angle (max. ±12°) is sufficient for the service requirements.

All antennas are manufactured from high quality materials. The choice is based on long term experience gained in the field of corrosion and statics. For example, HF conducting parts such as dipoles and feed lines are fabricated from sea-water resistant aluminium or aluminium alloys, copper or bronze may also be selected. The reflectors are constructed from bronze rope. Supporting ropes, fittings and standard parts are made from stainless steel. Top and side catenaries of the curtain antennas are fabricated either from stainless steel or Parafil rope. The HF insulators are made from glazed ceramic (KER 221). Load factors are calculated according to DIN 4131 and higher loadings can be accommodated on request.