Complete System for Broadcast & Communications

photo LBA Technology HFRC The LBA Technology HFRC shortwave regional coverage antenna, engineered for both broadcasting and communications, provides flexibility in both installation and frequency choice. The unique sloping wire cage assures broad bandwidth and power handling capacity up to 50 KW PEP. LBA's proprietary Delta Units assure dynamic tensioning of the antenna wires under most weather conditions.

Mechanically, the antenna includes two heavy duty masts and a cage consisting of three wires which mounts between the masts. The masts can be mounted permanently utilizing concrete foundations or temporarily using wooden cross members and guy wires or ropes. The antenna can be adjusted to a specific frequency when shipped. However, mast heights and antenna wire lengths are adjustable for field tuning to any frequency in the range. This feature make the HFRC ideal for emergency and military applications where portability and frequency agility are important considerations.

The sloping wire cage, in combination with the active main antenna mast, assures good skywave and ground wave transmission. Installation in an open area will provide coverage of 600-1,000 km. The effective large diameter of the radiating components enables a broad design bandwidth and VSWR of less than 2:1.

A radial ground system is provided with the antenna. The ground system includes 120, #10 Copper wires and provides an on-ground reflector element for pattern shaping.

Frequency Range 3 - 5 MHz 6 - 10 MHz
Operating Bandwidth Approx. ± 10 % Approx. ± 10 %
Power 50 kW PEP 50 kW PEP
Polarization Horizontal & Vertical Horizontal & Vertical
Input Impedance 50 ohm 50 ohm
Input Connector EIA 1-5/8" flange EIA 1-5/8" flange
VSWR <2:1 <2:1
Gain (typical) 2.15 dBi 2.15 dBi
Radiation Pattern effectively omnidirectional effectively omnidirectional
Wind Rating 70 mph, 112 kph 70 mph, 112 kph
Radial Ground System 120, #10 copper wires 120, #10 copper wires
Packed Shipping Weight 1,000 lbs 1,000 lbs
Shipping Containers 2 Wooden Crates, 12' x 4' x 2' 2 Wooden Crates, 12' x 4' x 2'
Specifications may change without notice